<aside> 👋 Hey there! Thanks for checking us out, if you need engineering talent, or just want to get your product built send an email to [email protected], otherwise continue reading to learn more about Lazer, what we've built, and how our team works!


Lazer is a world class digital product studio composed of 60+ senior engineers and senior designers with backgrounds from companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Coinbase, Uber, Tesla, and more. We've designed, engineered, and grown products from $0 to $200M revenue and would love the opportunity to do the same for you!

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What We Do

After going through Y-Combinator, raising $2m+, and selling our first business, Fiix, we decided we wanted to keep the engineering team together and continue to do what we do best - build digital products

We noticed a few problems in the software consulting space that we didn't like:

In response we built Lazer, a team of 60+ senior engineers and senior designers, who are product minded, with early stage startup experience. We are "founders" and "doers" first and our approach to building products is different than a big corporation. We like to dive into areas by understanding your problem and iterating on solutions like we would with our own startup. We like to get our hands dirty and do whatever is needed to actually ship.

How We Work With Companies

Because we're a smaller team, we're flexible with our working relationships and can get involved in a way that works best for your org, in the past we've used two models which have been successful: